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       Two Great Tools to Measure
       Staff Engagement

Employee Survey Loyalty Matrix

Which group are you in?

More importantly, what does your health center look like?

Knowing how many of your employees are in each group is an invaluable tool in gettting your arms around the engagement challenge.

Take our 2 minute survey and find out right now.

Why is it important to know?

happy employee commited loyalist The Employee Loyalty Matrix is a tool that can give you valuable insights into the makeup of your workforce. Taken together, the proportion of Change Seekers and Satisfied Opportunists you have is highly predictive of your organization's overall turnover rate over the short-term. Examining these groups in detail may help you gain insights into what is driving their desire to leave their jobs, which can reduce your turnover costs.

If you can discover what drives satisfaction among your already Committed Loyalists, you have a way to see what's working for these employees and can build on these strengths and apply them throughout your organization.

On the other hand, Dissatisfied Compromisers can be detrimental to productivity and morale in your organization but, if you can address their concerns and convert these employees into Committed Loyalists, you will increase overall employee satisfaction and engagement.

There's an old business adage that says "You cannot change what you don't measure." It's especially true with employee engagement and that's why we firmly believe in the power of employee surveys as a way to give you the insight you need to create positive change. Without that knowledge it's impossible to know where you have to take action. In summary, the Loyalty Matrix along with all the other insights you'll gain from a StaffPulse Employee Survey is an excellent starting point for effective action planning.

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