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       Two Great Tools to Measure
       Staff Engagement

StaffPulse Comprehensive / StaffPulse E21

A complete, easy-to-use and affordable online system designed specifically to assess health center staff satisfaction and opinions.


StaffPulse comes in two versions. The full, comprehensive version and the E21 version which is a shorter survey of the "Essential 21 Topics" which are most highly correlated to staff satisfaction and engagement. The E21 version has been designed for organizations that would prefer a shorter survey while still getting the insight necessary to improve levels of engagement and reduce staff turnover. By focusing on the things that really matter to employees, the E21 is an efficient and powerful tool for HR.

While health centers are free to choose either version at any time, we recommend that the comprehensive version be used for an initial benchmark (and every few years after that) and the E21 used for annual follow up surveys.

Contact Lynn Gore at 866-802-8095 x705 for more information or email her at lgore@insightlink.com

How Was StaffPulse Developed?

The National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) developed StaffPulse to determine staff satisfaction and attitudes toward the health center. The development of StaffPulse was a coordinated effort between NACHC, representatives from health centers and state and regional primary care associations (PCAs) and Insightlink Communications, a national and international provider of employee exit and satisfaction survey systems. The questionnaire for employees is customized specifically for use by health centers and was fully tested for both content and usability.

The StaffPulse questionnaire is based on Insightlink's 4Cs model of staff satisfaction, with detailed questions on the level of Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation at each participating health center. Questions on topics important to health centers, such as corporate compliance, patient and staff safety, infection control, and accreditation, are included. For inclusive results, NACHC StaffPulse's comprehensive questionnaire is available in either English or Spanish. For additional cost, staff members without emails are able to complete the survey in hardcopy format and mail their results directly back to Insightlink.

One of the distinct advantages of StaffPulse is the ability for health centers and PCAs to have their results compared against national benchmarks. To create these benchmarks, a pilot study was conducted among a nationally representative, random sample of nearly 4,000 health center employees. These benchmarks are regularly updated and refreshed to remain current and now contains data from over 38,000 surveys. With the ability to compare their results against this national aggregate database, participating health centers will be able to implement effective strategies to either maintain or improve their overall level of staff satisfaction. The StaffPulse database serves as an important resource to promote America's Health Centers as a preferred place of employment.

Annual subscription rates are variable pricing based on the size of your health center with discounts available for bundling both tools together in one subscription.

Compare your scores to other health centers. Surveys in both StaffPulse and ExitPulse are fully benchmarked against national data collected continuously since 2004.

Easy to Use
Both survey systems have been designed for ease-of-use. Insightlink provides full support to make using the tools as simple as possible while providing the most value.
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