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ExitPulse Testimonials

"The ExitPulse survey is very simple and straightforward. All exiting employees using it liked it very much. Being an "On-Line" survey, they liked it much more and felt more comfortable than doing a face-to-face hardcopy with an HR person".

"ExitPulse is a dramatic improvement over our old paper system. It centralizes all our exit interviews and provides data in a quick and easy format that allows us to see trends and compare our results to national data."

"We piloted the exit survey ExitPulse and found it very easy to use from a human resource department perspective. Departing staff never refused to participate, in fact, they enjoyed going through the exit survey process. It's confidential, easy and quick but most of all it asks the right questions in an environment that encourages departing employees to answer truthfully and objectively. We can't say enough about it's ease and benefit to the organization."

Annual subscription rates are variable pricing based on the size of your health center with discounts available for bundling both tools together in one subscription.

Compare your scores to other health centers. Surveys in both StaffPulse and ExitPulse are fully benchmarked against national data collected continuously since 2004.

Easy to Use
Both survey systems have been designed for ease-of-use. Insightlink provides full support to make using the tools as simple as possible while providing the most value.
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